Spring is the time of year that leads to growth in nature and revives the spirit after the colder weather and shorter days of winter.  The seasons reveal the cycle of life from beginning to end.  With spring, flowers begin to bloom and certain trees blossom.  I like to take time to reflect on what I see and contemplate what is coming ahead.  Often, a day does not goes as planned.  Being in public service provides me many opportunities in my daily routine to focus on helping others. 
This is what Roanoke Rapids Public Library is all about:  helping others.  I remind myself we exist to provide exceptional service and accurate, reliable, up-to-date information for our patrons.  We seek to do this every day we open the doors whether in person, by phone or by email.  I want to use this column to remind citizens how we serve and speak of resources we offer.

First, we offer copy and printing services.  Copies from our copier are black and white and costs twenty cents each with a daily limit of twenty copies.  Printing documents from the computer are forty cents each with a daily limit of fifty.  We offer Wi-Fi printing as well.  Call us at (252) 533-2890 for information.  We are glad to provide assistance. 

Second, we can assist you in finding reading material or information for a school assignment.  Our online catalog contains all material available to the public.  We have a station at the library dedicated for searching material located inside our facility near the public access computers in front of our service desk.  You are welcome to search for yourself or ask a staff member to assist.  We have reading material for all ages to accommodate a variety of tastes and interests.  We will also help provide information for school assignments.  If your request is going to take more than ten minutes to answer, we request you call and make an appointment so we can make sure someone will be available to assist you and provide you with the information you want.

Third, the Library continues to have specific federal tax forms to distribute and can assist you with others for the cost of printing or copying.  If you need state forms, I want to remind you the State of North Carolina does not accept forms from a copy machine.  You must print the forms off the computer or use forms the state provide.  They also do not send libraries printed forms.  We will be glad to help you find the forms you request.
Fourth, we are working on our Summer Learning Program for this year.  It will be geared to ages 6-13 or students entering grade 1-8 in the fall.  The theme this year is “Tails and Tales”.  Our program will be similar to last year with the focus being on individual reading and corresponding personal activities to give children things to do.  I plan to relay more information in the May column.  The Library Staff is constructing its summer program being mindful of the limitations caused by the pandemic while offering a program that will promote literacy in the community and give kids a chance to enjoy reading and discovering more about their community.

I have discussed particular resources contained in NC LIVE recently that are free to NC library patrons with library cards.  This month, I want to list the benefits of Novelist Plus.  The Library Staff uses this database frequently to find information about books and authors.  This readers’ advisory resource offers read-alike and listen-alike recommendations for fiction, non-fiction and audio books.  This resource is also searchable by specific category like mysteries, romance or historical fiction.  It will also help a reader find everything an author has written or authors who write in a similar style to your favorite author.  Along with our online catalog, we can determine if we have a particular title.    There usually are professional reviews included with each listing to give you information on titles.  Inform the staff if you want to know how best to use this valued resource.  Roanoke Rapids Public Library provides collections, connections, and community all for you.