New Laptop Lending Program

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Coming VERY SOON! 

Venito Garcia Library will have a new Laptop Lending Program

Do you need a Laptop and hotspot to do homework? Submit a job application? Or just surf the internet?
Venito Garcia Library has Dell Laptops and kajeet hotspots to lend to VGL library card holders.

Come in and fill out a library card application and sign a lending contract and you can start your adventures on the interwebs. 

Watch out for it!


The Bookmobile is here!

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The Bookmobile is here!
Each month every 1st Friday between 2-4pm


The Bookmobile will be parked just outside of Indian Oasis Primary School

Come sign up for a Pima County Public Library Card (photo ID needed) 

Check out up to 10 DVDs and 40 other items at a time!

Venito Garcia Library: Moving and Memories

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As we lose the Education building (Pizza Hut building) we are flooded with memories and meaning. We share memories in stories and make meaning together of the stories. I invoke the word of our namesake and invite you to share your stories on our Facebook page(link at left).

           "Part of the plan set by I'itoi is for us to sit by the fire and listen to stories told by the elderly and be guided by those stories." "My knowledge is not my own. It came from the elders. I just learned to use it." "I am trying to keep our fire burning." ". . . it is I'itoi's plan for our life to be one constant change, for us to learn new things . . ."

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