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On the Calendar:  Friday, 3/8/2019 10:00 AM
Adult Book Club: Will meet to discuss This Blessed Earth by Ted Genoways. Copies available with sign up at the library. Book also available through BRIDGES in audio and e-book formats. Calendar

Library News

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School-age kids are invited

to drop in at the library

on Wed. March 13

from 1:30-3:30

for fun and games.

No registration required.

Adult Book Club

Meeting on Friday,

March 8 at 10 am

to discuss

This Blessed Earth

by Ted Genoways.

Copies available

with sign up

at the library.

Do you have a favorite hobby,

activity, talent, or special information

that you would like to share

with the community? The

Kanawha Public Library would

love to host a gathering for you

to share your interest. Stop in or

contact us on facebook or

Kanawha Public Library is proud

to begin offering Kids' Corner,

formerly known as story time.

Contact the library for

more information.


facebook: Kanawha Public Library

Phone: 641-762-3595

Coloring Anyone?

Homebound Library Service

We are pleased to announce 

that we are offering a homebound

delivery service within the

city limits of Kanawha including

residents of the care center.

Please call the library if you or

someone you know would like us to bring

the library to them: 641-762-3595.



E-Book Information


We participate in BRIDGES:

Iowa's eLibrary, offering eBooks and audiobooks

available to download for free anytime, anywhere.

Remember you can download

eBooks & audiobooks

to your portable devices too,

including tablets and smartphones.

If you have any troubles,

come into the library

and we will help you solve your tech issues.

The All Iowa Reads


This Blessed Earth

will be available for

simultaneous checkout

in audio & e-book

format now through fall.

Go to BRIDGES link above.





121 N. Main Street Kanawha, IA 50447  |  Phone: 641-762-3595
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