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Library News

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Summer Reading Program

It's FREE!

Signing up early allows us to have

enough supplies and prizes on hand.

Please inform us of any

dietary concerns.

Great American Read

Premieres Tues. May 22

at 7 pm on IPTV

Vote for your favorite.

Pick up the Top 100 List

at the library.

More info:

Homebound Library Service

We are pleased to announce 

that we are offering a homebound

delivery service within the

city limits of Kanawha including

residents of the care center.

Please call the library if you or

someone you know would like us to bring

the library to them: 641-762-3595.



E-Book Information


We participate in BRIDGES:

Iowa's eLibrary, offering eBooks and audiobooks

available to download for free anytime, anywhere.

Remember you can download

eBooks & audiobooks

to your portable devices too,

including tablets and smartphones.

If you have any troubles,

come into the library

and we will help you solve your tech issues.





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