Creative Writing Prompts 2021





January 2021 Writing Prompt

This will be your exposition of the story. An exposition is the background information explained at the beginning of a story about a character and the setting. The exposition will often have information about events that happened before the story began.

Prompt: Your character is transported into a game and is trapped there until they can beat it. It can be any game of your choosing. Build your character and the game they get trapped in. End your exposition with "And that's how it all began."


February  Writing Prompt

You last left off with “and that’s how it all began.” You will now start your rising action. The rising action is the information of that plot that leads up to the climax it builds suspense and introduced a conflict your
character must face.

Prompt: Create a conflict and add a villain that your character must face. Add an unexpected twist to your story and Include the line “you will  never leave this place.’’  End this part of your story leading into a dramatic scene.


March  Writing Prompt

Starting in January, we will be creating a story until December. Each month there will be a new prompt out. At the end of December, you can hand your story in, and we will hang it up in the teen room. If you missed the prompts for previous months, go the Teen and Tween Programs page under the Programs/ Virtual tutorial tab on our website.

You should have left off with the workings of a dramatic scene. Now you will start on your climax. A climax is the turning point of a story, or the highest point of tension and drama.

Prompt: Create a big battle between your character and the villain. Use this fight to reveal why your character was summoned into the game.  Decide if your character defeats the villain. If they do, have the character use the new information that was revealed to leave the game. If your character is defeated, switch to the villains perspective and introduce a new character that’s going through the same trials the defeated character went through.


April Writing Prompt

Prompt: If you stuck with your original character have them find their way out of the game and what they do to stop if from happening to others. If your original character was defeated and your story is now in the villains hands you must decide if people will forever be trapped in this game or if one lucky hero finally foils the villains plan.


May Writing Prompt

Original Character: If you are writing from your original character’s point of view, add a plot twist that causes a problem with his/her plan to keep others from being trapped in the game.

Villain: If writing from the villain’s prospective, continue to either have him/her trap more individuals in the game as part of his/her master plan or have him/her start to have issues with the hero stopping his/her plan.


June (climax)

Invent a problem within the game itself that causes trouble for everyone. It could be a glitch in the video game, a missing game piece or any other “technical difficulty”. Have your characters work to fix the issue or find a way around it.


July Writing Prompt

Original Character: Your character has now worked out all the issues and they’re ready to save any others who were captured by the villain. If they are still outside the game, have them go back in. Then write how they locate the other prisoners and make a plan to get them out. Think about what types of obstacles they’ll need to face in order to get out and account for each one.
Villain: Have the people who have been captured decide to team up and plan an escape attempt while the villain is distracted by their own problems. Lay out their plan in detail, thinking about what types of obstacles they will need to face in order to get out. Meanwhile, have your villain find out what they’re plotting and set traps for them along the way.


August Writing Prompt    

Original Character: Next you will have your character put the escape plan into action and attempt to rescue everyone. The plan goes smoothly until the villain returns unexpectedly at the worst possible moment for another confrontation. Set the scene for a final battle with the villain. Include the line “you won’t defeat me so easily this time.”
Villain: Next you will write the victims’ escape attempt. Give your villain a way to watch their progress and trigger the traps remotely. Write a monologue in which the villain reveals details of their evil plan to the prisoners once they’ve all been re-captured, such as what their goal is and how they are going to accomplish it. Include the line “did you think you could trick me so easily?”


September Writing Prompt

Original Character: Now you’ll be writing the last big fight of the story. This time the villain has some new tricks up their sleeve, and your character is only able to beat them with the help of their friends. Once the villain is defeated they reveal one final trick: your characters must beat the game in time or they will be trapped forever! Decide how much time to give them and start the countdown.

Villain: After the villain’s monologue, the conquered hero (your original character) returns for revenge. Now you must decide if the villain will ultimately win or be defeated. If you want your villain to win, have them trap the original character along with all the other victims. If you want them to lose, let the original character lure the villain into one of their own traps (and then follow the Original Character prompts starting next month).


October (falling action)

Original Character: Continue to write your character’s escape attempt with their new friends. Along the way, introduce a new character who has known the villain for years and have them share an important detail about the villain’s backstory with the group. In light of this new information, decide if your character wants to go back and save the villain too. If no, they escape from the game along with the others. If yes, end this portion of the story with them telling the others to “go on without me.”
Villain: Your villain doesn’t want any more funny business from the people they’ve captured. Create increased security measures to prevent future escape attempts. Then have your villain spend some time thinking up and implementing new ways to make life miserable for their victims.


November (falling action)

Original Character: If your character is going back, they should find the villain with just enough time to spare. Write a speech for your character to explain why they came back for the villain, and then have them speed-run the game together to make it out at the last second. If your original character left the game with everyone else, next take a moment for them to celebrate with their friends. Describe the thoughts and emotions your character would be feeling after such a crazy experience.
Villain: The villain is on a roll, and now there’s nothing left to stand in their way. Describe how they move forward with their evil plan, putting the next steps into action. Then write a reflective scene in which the villain looks back on their past and all they’ve done to get where they are now. This should offer some insight into why the villain became evil in the first place.


December (resolution)

Original Character: If your character just left the game with the villain, write a touching moment where they reunite with their friends. Then have them decide together what the villain’s fate should be. Finally, your character should seal or destroy the game to prevent this from happening again. If your original character escaped with everyone else, their final task is to seal or destroy the game so no one can ever be trapped in it again. They can do this on their own or with help from the others.
Villain: Skip several months into the future and end the story with your villain reaching their final goal. Whatever the villain’s reason for starting all of this was, they have accomplished it at last. Tell what the villain’s life looks like now that they’ve won. Do they have even more plans for the future, or are they content with this? Finish by describing what became of the people trapped in the game. Did the villain ever let them out, or are they trapped forever?