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Recommended by the Librarians

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The Disasters by M.K England
Library Clerk, Sonya Trager


Books reviews tote this as a great book for people who are fans of the TV show, "Firefly". I have to agree completely! I truly think that the author might be a fan of the show, especially given the author introduced a planet by the name of “Serenity” to the plot.

Synopsis: Nax Hall, hotshot pilot, is kicked out of the Ellis Station Academy. While waiting at the station to leave the academy and return to Earth, Nax meets up with three other Academy washouts. The four end up in the middle of a terrorist attack on the academy and make a quick escape only to find themselves as suspects. The four have been witness to one of the largest crimes and conspiracies in history. Nax and his friends work to spread the truth of the incident and clear their own names.

My impression: I love young adult novels and have a fondness for Sci-fi. This book fell comfortably onto my “must read” list. I was not disappointed. This book was a lot of fun to read. The story pacing was great and kept moving along. The action and humor kept me entertained. If you are looking for a deep, meaningful read, this is probably not the book for you. If you want a lighthearted space adventure, jump right in! Definitely a coming of age story worth reading.






Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand
Technical Services Librarian, Mandi Rink


Irene Steel is a sixty something magazine editor, recently demoted, mother of two boys and a loving wife, living in Iowa City. Her life seems idyllic and uncomplicated. She is shocked to get a phone call that her husband, Russel Steel, has passed away unexpectedly and tragically in a helicopter crash over the Caribbean islands. She is even more shocked to find that her husband had a woman with him in the helicopter, who is later found out to be his lover. Irene and her two adult sons fly out to the Caribbean for more information while they wait for Russ’ remains to be delivered to Russ’ villa. While at St. John’s Island, the brothers fight, secrets are exposed, and Irene begins to question her entire life. It sounds like a very cliché, predictable book when you read the synopsis, but it is not. I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much and that I am actually looking forward to the next two in the trilogy. If you enjoy a good mystery with plenty of romance and humor, I recommend this. The characters are relatable and written in third person allowing you to see into all their heads. At the end of this book, you will no longer think Irene Steel lives an uncomplicated, idyllic life. You, I believe, will want to know more about the complicated life she has uncovered after her husband’s death.



Belmond's Book Club

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First meeting of 2019 will be held January 22 at 7:00PM at the Belmond Public Library. 
Welcoming New Members! Please contact Chris Adcock at 6414444160. 

January's book is "Boy's in the Bunkhouse" by Dan Barry. 


Belmond's Online Book Club

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Introducing Belmond Public Library's first Online Book Club! Registration is now open at the library. 
First "meeting", that will be held online, will be in January and you will be able to pick up your first book at the end of December.
If you have any other questions please contact the Belmond Public Library at 641-444-4160.

Trivia Night

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Tuesday January 29th
At 6:30PM

Come join us for a fun night of general knowledge trivia.

Play by yourself or as a team
(up to 5 people per team)

Ages 16 & up

beTWEEN The Pages Book Club

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January - Break
Febuary - 28 
March- 28 
All meetings will be held from 6:30PM - 7:30 PM




The mission of the Belmond Public Library is to provide access to
information, technology, and services that will meet the informational, cultural, and
recreational needs of all persons in our community and the surrounding area.

Friends of the Library

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The Friends of the Belmond Public Library was formed in 1995.  They are an auxiliary group of the Library Foundation.  Their mission is to maintain an association of persons interested in the library, to focus public attention on the library, to lend financial support, to coordinate volunteer efforts, and help promote the programs and services of the Talbot Belmond Public Library. 

As a Friend, you will have the satisfaction of supporting one of our most important educational institutions, playing an important role in making books and other materials available to the community.  You will also have the opportunity to volunteer for various events and programs.

  You can join for as little as $5.00 per year as an individual, or $15.00 as a family.

Please contact the library with any questions. 
The library would love to have you as a Friend!

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