Unattended Child Policy

In an effort to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all persons using the library, and in order to provide for the general safety of children using the Library, the following rules and regulations shall be and are a matter of policy:

 1.  Parents or caregivers may not leave children under the age of 8 years unattended in the library.  A caregiver is defined as a parent, another adult, or an adolescent 12 years of age or older.  Children 8 years of age and older may be unaccompanied and must comply with the library behavior policy.  If disruptive, a patron is reminded of this policy.  If unacceptable behavior continues, the patron must leave the building and library grounds.

 2.  Children under the age of 8 years may be left unaccompanied during the time they are attending a library-sponsored program only.  Responsible adults will return to the Library for their children and be available when a scheduled event is publicized as ending.

 3.  Children 8 years and under must be directly supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver at all times while in the library.  Parents or caregivers are responsible for the safety and appropriate behavior of each child in their care.  Parents or caregivers cannot leave young children unattended in the Children’s Corner or any other area of the library while using other parts of the library.

 4.  At no time will the Library assume the responsibility of surrogate care provider for children in the Library.

 5.  If unattended children are found in the library during regular operating hours, Library staff will attempt to contact the parents.  When the children are picked up, the parent or caregiver will be given a copy of this policy.

 6.  If any unattended children are in the library at closing time, Library staff will contact the Belmond Police Department, and an officer will come to the Library for the child/children.

 7.  The Talbot Belmond Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.  When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, staff will attempt to contact the parents or caregivers.  If they are not readily available, staff will contact the Belmond Police Department.



Adopted by Library Board of Trustees March 17, 2008
Reviewed and approved by Library Board February 2011
Reviewed February 2014, April 2017, 3/15/21, March 18, 2024