Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary loan is a service provided by the Talbot Belmond Public Library whereby materials can be borrowed from other libraries for our patrons if the requested titles are not a part of our collection. 


The State of Iowa Libraries Online (SILO) database, funded by the State Library of Iowa, will be used to procure these materials.  Since the Talbot Belmond Public Library  participates in the State’s Enrich Iowa Program, interlibrary loan protocol set by the State Library will be followed.  


In order to help defray postage costs associated with this service, $1.50 per item will be charged to the patron at the time the request is placed. The order will not be submitted until this fee is paid.   If the library is not able to obtain the requested title, the fee will be returned to the patron. 


Adopted by Library Board of Trustees, June 2004
Reviewed and approved by Library Board of Trustees, May 2009  
Reviewed and revised by the Library Board November 19, 2012
Reviewed February 15, 2016 
Reviewed April 15, 2019
Reviewed February 17, 2020, February 20, 2023