Reviews for Soldier dogs : the untold story of America's canine heroes

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Goodavage points out in her tribute to the dogs of the military that working dogs are considered equipment by the Department of Defense. But can a piece of equipment foster such sentiments from tough soldiers as, he'd do whatever it took to save my life, and I'd do the same to save his ? It became clear to the military that the closer the handler is to the dog, the better the working relationship, which translates into more saved lives. In a series of vignettes, Goodavage examines the breeds normally chosen to be military working dogs often Labradors and other retrievers for single-purpose use such as sniffing out explosives or narcotics, or German shepherds or Belgian Malinois for dogs who serve the dual purpose of protection and detection and discusses the training the dogs receive. The immeasurable effect on morale that the dogs provide is something every soldier who has been in contact with military dogs can attest to their mere presence calms the troops and makes everyone feel less lonely.--Bent, Nancy Copyright 2010 Booklist