About Us - Internet Access Policy

Library computers are primarily for library related learning, research, and information. In accordance with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act, the library computers are subject to filtering policies. Access to the computers will be available from 10 minutes after the library opens to 15 minutes before the library closes.

  • Access to the computers will be granted to those who have:
    • Presented the patron's own valid library card in good standing from a library in the Carl Elliott Regional Library System
    • Read the policies and procedures
    • Agreed to the Internet Access policy before computers are used.
  • The staff will assist users in computer usage as time permits but cannot offer personal instructions.
  • Due to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, only one user per computer may sit in the computer lab.
  • Cost of printing material from the computer is $.20 per page for b/w print and $1.00 per page for color print. Computer users must pay for all printed pages.
  • The time/print management software allows a maximum of 2 hours computer usage per patron per day. At login, the initial usage time is 1 hour. If the number of vacant computers falls within the software's parameter, two additional 30 minute increments may be allowed.
  • Material accessed through the Internet may be subject to copyright laws and may not be duplicated in electronic or printed format without permission of the copyright owner unless the proposed use falls within the definition of fair use.
  • The primary use of the computer is to support information gathering and research functions. As such, users are not to access materials of an explicitly graphic sexual nature. Use of the computers for these functions will result in the loss of access to the library's computers. Users are reminded that the computers are public access machines and as such, security when accessing sites requiring personal information cannot be guaranteed. Use of computers for these purposes is at the discretion of the library patron. The library board and staff accept no responsibility for the loss of the patron's personal information.
  • Illegal activities or other activities intended to disrupt network services or equipment are prohibited. Proper use and respect of property and personnel must be exhibited. Lost or damaged materials or equipment must be replaced at user expense.
  • Failure to abide by the policies and procedures established by the Library will result in loss of library privileges up to and including being banned from the building and grounds. Illegal acts may subject violators to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.