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Call Number: FIC GRUEN
In this well-told story set during World War II, Maddie and Ellis Hyde are cut off without a cent after behaving disgracefully at a party. Anxious to redeem themselves and reinstate their allowance, the couple travels to Scotland to prove Ellis’s father’s discredited sighting of the Loch Ness monster. Hank, Ellis’s best friend, decides to go along. As Ellis and Hank go out every day to search for Nessie, Maddie is left alone to recover from their grueling trip. She soon discovers that Ellis has his own secrets and that the monster in Loch Ness is not the one she should fear.
Call Number: 940.451 LARSO
Larson presents an exciting and well-researched narrative about the sinking of the R. M. S. Lusitania. When World War I began, President Wilson promised that America would remain neutral. The country’s attitude changed when Germany torpedoed the Lusitania, killing over 1,100 of the 1,900 on board, including 120 Americans.
Emma: A Modern Retelling by Alexander McCall Smith                                                                                         
Call Number: Leased BookF MCC
In this delightful novel based on the character created by Jane Austen, McCall Smith introduces us to an Emma Woodhouse for the 21st century. Emma has just graduated with a degree in interior design and returns home, determined to help her friends find their true loves. As much of a meddler and as headstrong as Austen’s character, McCall Smith’s Emma is as entertaining and likeable.
Call Number: Leased Book - F SCO
A stand – alone novel by the author of the Masie Dobbs series, the book was written to coincide with the anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. Newlyweds Tom and Kezia Brissenden are separated when Tom goes off to fight in a war that will be over by Christmas. In an effort to keep his spirits up, Kezia’s letters to him are filled with details about imaginary meals she prepares for him, never letting him know about the government’s demands on the farm or wartime food shortages. Meanwhile her best friend and Tom’s sister, Thea, is having problems of her own as a suffragette and pacifist. Fearing arrest, Thea volunteers to go to France as an ambulance driver. There she meets Kezia’s father, Reverend Marchant, who is ministering to the soldiers. Well told and beautifully written.
Call Number: FIC ALLEN
If you enjoyed Garden Spells, you’ll be glad to see the enchanting Waverley sisters back. Claire has developed a successful candle-making business, but it’s costing her precious time with her family. Sydney longs for a baby, and her daughter, Bay, wants the boy she loves to notice her. If they’re to get their hearts’ desires, their lives must change, and not even the reader can predict how it will happen.
Call Number: FIC HAWKI
Rachel commutes to London every day on the train, and sees a happy couple she names “Jess” and “Jason.” She fantasizes a happy marriage for them – one she lost. Then Jess turns up missing, and Rachel reaches out to Jason. Told by Rachel, Jess/Megan, and Anna (Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife), Hawkins gives us a psychological thriller reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock.
Call Number: Leased Book - F TYL
The story begins in Baltimore in 1959 with Abby Whitshank telling how she fell in love with her husband, Red. Tyler is a master storyteller, and this novel is one of her best.
Call Number: Leased Book - FIC ST. J
This novel about a dystopian society begins the night famed actor, Arthur Leander, dies onstage in front of a child actress, Kirstin Raymonde. Immediately afterward a flu-like virus begins to spread, and civilization collapses. We meet Kirstin again fifteen years later when she is with the Traveling Symphony, a group of actors and musicians who move from pocket to pocket of survivors performing concerts and plays. Survival is difficult, but it isn’t enough as Kirstin and her fellow survivors try to preserve history, art, and beauty.


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