Mission Statement

Knowledge. Connection. Community

Whether you use the library’s services at home, on the road, in person, or online, these three words embody the mission of the Natchitoches Parish Library. Formally written, the mission of the Natchitoches Parish Library is to assist patrons of all ages by providing exemplary customer service through a competent and friendly staff in order to meet the informational, recreational and educational needs of our patrons through a current and useable collection of information in various formats and presentations.


In a world where an overwhelming amount of information is at your fingertips, who is there to guide you in using these resources wisely? Who is there to help you carve an accurate, unbiased path to knowledge? Your public library. No matter your age, race, circumstances, background, socioeconomic status, education, or religion, your public library is there to offer up the world’s information to you. The playing field is leveled at the library. Access to this lifetime of learning can be found for all ages through the library’s traditional print and e-book collections, homebound service, summer reading club, after-school events, online databases, adult technology classes, and early literacy programs. The library provides opportunities for people of all ages to discover the joy of reading and learning.  


More than a quarter of U.S. households do not have a computer with Internet access. The public library helps to bridge that gap. Library patrons use public computers to complete online job applications, type up their resumes, research their genealogy, or browse the Internet. Remotely or in-house, online databases offer opportunities to download e-books, movies, and music, learn a new language, access a variety of educational and career practice tests, receive real-time online tutoring, download and print Louisiana legal forms, get step-by-step service and repair procedures to tackle vehicle maintenance, and research and compare products and services through Consumer Reports. For those patrons who have the technology but are unsure of how to use it, library staff offer assistance through spontaneous one-on-one consultations and structured group classes to ensure success. The goal of connecting patrons to current technology, online resources, and relevant training is to improve information literacy throughout the community.


Making a difference for community members is the responsibility of every staff member at the library. We are the community we serve, and we strive each day to establish a library connection that is relevant for residents across the parish – visiting the bookmobile where staff know you and your reading preferences, learning a new language through the library’s Pronunciator database, building relationships with other families through story time, utilizing your talents by teaching a class at the library, bringing in your e-reader for a one-on-one Overdrive tutorial, or making family memories during an art program. What does the community need or want from their library? These are questions we consider when purchasing books, opening branches, planning programs, adding bookmobile stops, and making policy changes. Your library has the resources available to improve the lives of parish residents; it connects this community to information, technology, and opportunities.    

The library provides equitable access to information, experiences, and community space. That’s what we’re about. We are proud to be centered in the heart of Natchitoches but also anticipate the library “branching out,” in the parish. Reignite your passion for the library – you never know what you might discover!    

2021-2027 Strategic Plan