Donate items to the library

The library accepts gifts, donations, and endowments. 

  • No determination of the value of any item donated will be made by any staff member. The donor cannot be furnished with value or price information or estimates.
  • Once a book, magazine, cash, set of books, or any other item or group of items is given over to the library, it may not be returned. It becomes the unconditional property of the library.
  • Gifts which have conditions attached to them will not be accepted.
  • Endowments may be established for a particular purpose.
  • When a gift is made to the library, a receipt may be issued at the donor’s request.
  • The Director may accept memorial gifts to purchase books in memory of a deceased person. 

If you have a large amount of books to be donated to the library, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at (318) 238-9236.