Our digital library .... just... got... BIGGER!


Introducing Hoopla.     It's free, and easy to sign up -- all you need is your library card!    Download the app or use your browser.   You can even use your smart TV to watch movies and television.       Over 500,000 titles to choose from.    Ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies and TV


Please note:

  • There is a limit of 7 items per month, per card.  Borrow accordingly. 

  •               This service is for Saint Joseph Library cardholders only.    You must be a resident of St. Joseph City, St. Joseph township, or be a fee cardholder.   


Checkout periods are: 

  • 21 days for ebooks and audiobooks 

  • 7 days for music 

  • 3 days for movies & TV


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