Local History and Genealogy Room Policy


The Local History/Genealogy Room has been established to preserve and make available books, documents, photographs, genealogy resources and other materials highlighting the history of this community and the individuals whose activities have contributed to its development and character.

The Local History/Genealogy Room shall be used only under the supervision of library staff, and the room will be kept locked when not in use.

Access: The items in the Local history room are kept in a separate collection at the library, and access is granted through registering at the circulation desk. Access to the room is restricted to persons age 12 and older, although the director may make exceptions for certain circumstances. Upon sign-in, users will be asked to show a valid picture ID (e.g. -- U.S. Driver’s License, passport, or state I.D.) with the staff member on duty. Library staff will unlock the room once sign-in is complete. The library reserves the right to refuse entry to the local history room if patrons do not adhere to the Local History Room Use Policy. Library staff will help patrons in locating specific items in the collection, but will not perform in depth research for patrons.  It is expected that materials will be handled with clean, dry hands.  Some items may require patrons to use white cotton gloves to handle. 

Restricted Items: Only those materials needed for research shall be allowed in the room. No pens, food, drink or chewing gum should be brought into the room. Coats, bags, backpacks and purses will be locked in a cabinet that is in full view of the patron within the local history/genealogy room.  Patrons are encouraged to bring their own writing materials with them (laptops, notepads, pencils, etc.) 

Microfilm Reader and Computer Use:
The microfilm reader is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  A one-hour time limit is enforced if there is another patron waiting.  Wireless access to the internet is available throughout the library.

Photocopying: Patrons of the local history room may be allowed to photocopy items from the local history collection, at the current standard library copying rate, within the guidelines of the U.S. Copyright Law section 108 and at the discretion of the library staff. Staff members are available to assist in handling fragile books and documents. Library staff retains the right to refuse photocopying of fragile and oversized items in the collection. The use of a camera or cell phone, with the flash turned off, may be permitted for items. Genealogy and local history materials housed in this room are non–circulating.
When finished with research all materials – books, microfilm rolls, vertical files etc.—should be left on the table. Library staff will return the materials to the proper location.

Before leaving the library, researchers will need to check out with a staff member at the circulation desk. Staff will accompany you to retrieve any items that were stored in the locked cabinet.

approved November 28th, 2023