Moble Printing Service

Mobile Printing Service

Print from anywhere. Pick up at the library. 
With the library's MobilePrint Service, powered by PRINTERON, patrons are able to use their personal computers or mobile devices to send print jobs to the library's printers from any location. Simply submit print jobs online, using your email address, then come to the main library in Natchitoches to release and pick up your documents. 
Please note: remote prints may only be sent during the library's normal operating hours and must be printed within two hours of submission. 


  1. Go to PRINTER ON;
  2. PRINTER: Choose either BLACK AND WHITE or COLOR printer;
  3. USER INFO: Enter your email address; 
  4. SELECT DOCUMENT: browse your computer to find and select the file you wish to print; 
  5. Click on the green print icon to submit your print job; 
  6. Once processed, you will receive a print job reference number along with a message stating, "YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN PROCESSED."


  1. Visit the device's app store to download and install the Printer On app; 
  2. Once installed, click on "NO PRINTER SELECTED," to select a printer; 
  3. From the main menu, click on SEARCH and type in "NATCHITOCHES;"
  4. Choose either BLACK AND WHITE or COLOR printer; 
  5. Choose what type of document you wish to print: DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS, or WEB; 
  6. Open the desired document; 
  7. Click on the printer icon to preview your print; 
  8. If desired, click on the paper and gears icon to change the number of prints, printer type, and/or paper size; 
  9. Click the PRINT button; 
  10. Enter your email address and click OK; 
  11. A green check mark will appear in your NOTIFICATIONS section initially stating JOB STARTED, changing to JOB SUCCESS once the print job has been successfully submitted to your preferred location.

The library also provides mobile printing service through @PrintByXerox, which allows for secure printing from any email-enabled devices (computer, phone, tablet, iOS, Android™, Google® Chromebook™ and more) to a Xerox® printer or MFP using a single email address with no IT intervention. No training is needed.  End-users simply send attachments to the email address, and release them at the MFP panel.

To use the service:

  1. Send documents (by text or email) to
  2. The system will reply with your username (email address) and password.
  3. Patrons may then come to the library and access one of our available copiers.
  4. Click on the @PrintByXerox icon on the home screen of the copier.
  5. Login using the system-provided username and password.
  6. Click on the documents you wish to print.
  7. Pay for your copies.