Summer Reading for Adults


Join the Adult Summer Reading Program!

This year's theme is "A Universe of Stories".   The program runs from June 10th – August 3rd.

Pick up a reading log at the main library desk. Complete the log for a free book choice and entry into the prize drawing. 


Special Events:

For Adults:


Invasive Species Prevention — June 12  @  6:00pm
Sponsored by Terry and Liz Allen
Jared Harmon Outreach Educator of the Berrien Conservation District will be on hand to share his expertise in identifying invasive species as well as how treatment options for affected areas. The hour long program includes a slide show presentation and handouts.  Jared will provide information about invasive species that are of particular concern locally such as Japanese knotweed, Flowering Rush, European Frogbit, and Chinese Yam just to name a few.    


Hunting for Michigan's Mail Order Homes — June 24  @ 6:00pm
Sponsored by The Friends of the Library
Did you know that at one point in time you could order an entire home from Sears?   Join homeowners Andrew and Wendy Mutch to learn about the history of catalog and kit houses and the role that Michigan played in the industry. Hear tips on how to identify kit homes, see a variety of vintage promotional materials, and take a photographic tour of various models found in Michigan and throughout the United States.


Still Missing: Michigan Mysterious Disappearances — July 10  @ 6:00pm  >> At Benton Harbor Public Library
Sponsored by Lisa Bartoszek
Planes that disappear over the water, people who simply vanish, and ships that sail off...never to be heard from again are just some of the topics       Michigan author Ross Richardson will discuss in his presentation. The presentation is perfect for the innately curious, anyone who loves history, or those who enjoy mysteries and the Mitten State.  NOTE:  This is in partnership with the Benton Harbor Library and will take place at Benton Harbor Public Library .


House of David Baseball — July 17  @ 6:00pm
Sponsored by Darlene Kiessel
Did you know that we have “old school” baseball played in the area throughout the summer?  Come and learn about the iconic House of David Baseball team as retired newspaper editor and House of David ballplayer Rick Ast presents the history behind the House of David's defining sports team.


World War II In their Own Words --  July 25 @ 6:00pm
Sponsored by Terry & Liz Allen                                                                                                                          

Join us as Larry Martin shares the oral history of Fred Bahlau who served in World War II as a member of the 101st Airborne.  Fred jumped into France during D-Day, participated in Operation Market Garden, and was  surrounded by German forces during the famous Battle of the Bulge. Come and hear the amazing testimony and experiences of one of the members of the Greatest Generation.