Computer Use Policy


Public Access to the Internet is available to all users of the St. Joseph Public Library whose accounts are in good standing.  The internet is to be used as an information and educational resource in support of the Library’s role as this community’s information and lifelong learning center.

The Library makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, with respect to the quality or content of the information available on the Internet.  The library is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from any individual’s use of an Internet access computer located in this facility.

Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users’ activities.

The Library respects the confidentiality of those using its electronic resources, and will release Library records only as required by law.

The Library will comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), including provision of filtered Internet access on all library computers.  Parents are strongly encouraged to use the library and its resources with your children.  

Users of the Library’s Internet access computers must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including laws governing copyright and the transmission and dissemination of information.

If patrons disregard the law in their use of the Internet at the library, the library will report the crime to the appropriate local enforcement agency and will cooperate with local enforcement officials in any manner authorized by state or federal law.

Persons who violate the Library’s Internet Use policy in any way will lose computer privileges as follows:
1st violation – 7 days
2nd violation – 30 days
3rd violation – 60 days

A person convicted of a criminal act involving one of the library’s computers will permanently lose his or her computer privileges at the library.

All users of the Internet are expected to use this library resource in a responsible and courteous manner, consistent with the purposes for which it is provided.  This includes:

• Recognizing that the Internet must be shared and used in a manner which respects the rights of others and refraining from activity that prevents others from using it.
• Refraining from illegal, unethical use such as hacking, distributing unsolicited advertising, invading the privacy of others or misrepresenting oneself as another user.
• Refraining from damaging or altering the setup of the equipment (hardware), or attempting to modify or delete the installed software.
• Refraining from violation of software license agreements.
• Refraining from the deliberate propagation of viruses and worms.
• Refraining from intentional violation of another patron’s privacy, or any other harassing or defamatory activities.

The Library reserves the right to ask individuals to discontinue the display of information and images which may cause a disruption to other users as determined by the Library staff.  Accessing materials legally defined as sexually explicit or sexually suggestive or harmful to minors in the Michigan Library Privacy Act (PA 455 of 1982) will result in loss of computer privileges as outlined above.

Patrons are financially liable for any damage caused to library computer equipment or software by violations of this policy.

Use of computers is first-come, first-served. In the Children’s Library, children and teens have first priority for the use of available workstations. Adults unaccompanied by a child may use the computers in our children’s department only while school is in session.

Maud Preston Palenske Library cardholders and cardholders from libraries that have reciprocal agreements with Maud Preston Palenske Library may use a computer up to 120 minutes per day. If no one is waiting, that time may be extended. Users must sign into the computer reservation system using their library card number.

The library also offers visitors guest passes for computer use.  Patrons using a guest pass may use the computers for a maximum of 120 minutes per day.

Staff will assist library users in getting started on the Internet.  Users assume responsibility for learning to use the equipment and any related software.  Time permitting, staff will try to answer specific questions and offer suggestions for effective use and searching.

Computer users are expected to pay at the current rate for all materials printed from the Internet stations. 

Each user will read the use policy, and accept a compliance agreement. 

The computer centers will close 10 minutes prior to the closing of the library.

Revised and approved by the Library Board of Trustees at their regular meeting held on October 25, 2022.