Public Relations Policy


This policy is meant to ensure that the best possible image of the Library is presented to the public.  It is established in order that the public will receive consistent and accurate information about library policies, procedures, programs and services. 

It is the intent of all communications about the library to promote a good understanding of what the library does, how its resources and services contribute to the life of the community, and to encourage residents to participate in the use of the library’s resources and services.

The Board and staff recognize that public relations involves every person who has a connection with the library.  Board members and staff members are reminded that each person represents the library in every public contact.

The library’s budget shall include adequate funds to cover the cost of printing, publications, supplies and miscellaneous needs related to the library’s public relations efforts.

Media Contacts
Contacts initiated by the media should be directed to the Library Director, who may answer the contact or may route the contact to the appropriate department (e.g. Children’s Department Head for information about children’s services).

Contacts initiated by the library to the media will be done by the person or persons in charge of the specific program or service being addressed, with prior approval of the library director.

Letters to the editor written by library staff members that are designed as official statements for the library must have the approval of library administration prior to submission.

Speaking Engagements
Speaking engagements or programs done by library staff on behalf of the library shall have the approval of the library director.

Promotional Materials
Promotional materials will be the responsibility of the Department sponsoring the activity.  All materials will adhere to copyright law and follow standard guidelines for use of copyright-free art.  All such materials will meet quality design standards set by the library and will be edited for accuracy (including spelling).  The library director will review and approve all promotional materials prior to distribution.

Emergency Situations
In the event of an emergency, official statements to the public and the media will be made by the Library Director, his/her designee, or a Department Head placed in charge of the library.  The President, Executive Committee of the Board, and all members of the Board will be consulted if time allows.  If the Library Director is unavailable for making a statement, the President of the Board of Trustees would speak for the library.  If it should become necessary for library staff to provide the public with information, someone from the above named group will inform staff what is to be said.

In the event that the library must be closed on short notice due to weather or any other emergency situation, the Library Director or a designee will contact the appropriate media services. 

Approved by the Board of Trustees, January 17, 2006